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There are so many interesting things about Europe that has the ability to surprise people. This beautiful continent is home to some of the best countries in the world. Within them is a treasure trove of amazing trivia and facts.

For example, Istanbul is the city of two continents. Since ancient times, magical Istanbul has united Asia and Europe through the mighty strait of Bosphorus. Without a doubt, this amazing city is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world bridging two continents.

Istanbul was the capital of culture in 2010.  A program initiated by the European Union.

Europe’s most famous and active volcanoes are as follows. Etna is Europe’s largest active volcano with a maximum elevation of about 3,350 meters. Mount Etna is a stratovolcano situated in Sicily in Southern Italy. The tallest European volcano is actually one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the volcano’s eruption has been document since ancient times. And more exactly since 1500 BC. It is the longest period of documented eruptions in the world.

The largest and smallest country in the world can also be found in Europe. Europe is home to both the smallest country in the world, Vatican City, and the largest, Russia.

The Vatican City state is a UNESCO World Heritage center, the only site to encompass an entire state.