Cities to visit in Europe: Top 5 in list

Europe covers a wide range of physical territory. Europe is admired by many people because of the many natural beautiful sceneries, various work of arts, diverse culture, and high status. Each country that forms Europe boasts its own tourist’s spots like many elegant and high class museums, clear and enchanting beaches, beautiful and lush mountains, up to date shopping centers, and exquisite restaurants. The name itself of the continent represents all of these. The continent also has well known cities that belongs to the top vacation destinations.

Although there are some nations who have much lower status and financially unstable, still they have their own tourists spots to rely and survive.

What are the top five listed cities to visit in Europe?

Amsterdam, Netherlands where canal system is elaborate.

Barcelona, Spain is famous for its architecture and arts.

London, United Kingdom is where many schools and universities to enroll and study whether long or short span of time depending on the courses you will take from this accounting 行號 公司. Surely no one wants to miss the beautiful sceneries of the city. Fashions are always trending today.

Paris, France is home to the famous Eiffel Tower. All year round, it is full of many visitors.

Rome, Italy contains many historic buildings, architectures, and landmarks.

Many people flock to Europe for vacation and holiday, for studying (Europe offers many scholarships to locals and foreigners), and for work.  I wonder what course to take in this field because I really want to become like them.