Facts About Europe

The Merry Cemetery in Romania

Cemetery are often sad places, but they can also be amusing and entertaining. Sapanta in Northern Romania is worldwide famous for its merry cemetery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sapanta is a unique cemetery and a major tourist attraction. But what’s so unusal about it? The atypical designs of the tombstones. The tombstones are big crosses sculpted from oakwood, they are painted by hand in vivid colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and they’re engraved with funny epitaphs, briefly describing the life and circumstances in which the person passed away.

The Statue of Liberty was constructed in France

Unknown to many, the famous statue of Liberty was designed by Frederick Bartholdi. The colossal neo classical structure was constructed in France and was given as a gift of friendship to the USA. Alexander Gustave Eiffel, the brilliant French engineer behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris, made the statue’s steel framework.

Replicas of Lady Liberty have been created all over the world. The most famous being located in France.

The Meaning Of The Word “Europe”

According to ancient Greek Mythology, Europa was a beautiful Phoenician princess. Zeus fell in love with Europa, so he decided to in front of her as a magnificent white bull to gain her trust. Zeus’s power of metamorphosis is a key element in Greek Mythology. The princess climbed on the bull’s back and was immediately carried to Crete where Zeus revealed himself to Europa in all his glory. The king of the gods and Europa later had 3 children.