Should You Travel Alone or With Groups?

Let us consider some points to answer the question. Should you travel alone or with groups? When you are traveling alone, there is no one whom you can express your feeling with. When you need help, there is no one whom you can ask help from. Let’s say you are attacked by dangerous animals or you are trapped by someone, no one would help you. When you are alone, no one to laugh with, no one to play with. When you do something only should do.

Then how about when you’re with groups? There will be more problem that will arise. The larger the number, the heavier the burden. When accidents happen, more will be involved, more troubles come also like learning autocad.

However, when you want to seek yourself, express your private thoughts, it is good to be alone. When you want no one to bother you, better go travel alone. Intrapersonal people wants to do things alone, but for unwinding and relaxing, they prefer to be with groups. Now traveling alone or with groups is your decision.


You must consider what you can do alone and what can you do if with a group. There are activities and tours that should be done in group only. Sometimes you can also get cheaper rates when in group in eating or staying places. Considering financial condition and safety, it seems traveling in group gains a little bit of advantage. It can be more fun learning together with someone.