What I Learned About Europe

Going around Europe has really opened up my eyes about the real world. I’ve learned so many things that I’ve mentioned in the past pages. Here are some more tidbits that I have learned. I have numbered them so they seem more orderly.

1. Roughly 1 quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level

2. Only one percent of the items kept in the British Museum are on display

3. The Leaning Tower of Pisa took roughly 200 years to build

4. Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe

5. Brussels Airport sells more chocolate than any other place in Europe

6. Per capita, Sweden has the most McDonalds in Europe

7. About 1 in 10 Europeans are conceived in Ikea beds

8. There are approximately 50 countries in Europe

9. Europe is the world’s second smallest continent

10. The 2nd most active volcano in the world is in Europe

11. Europe is technically not a continent. Its separation from Asia was actually a Greek idea.

12. Italians don’t drink cappuccino after 11 AM

13. There are more kebab restaurants in Berlin than Istanbul

14. The Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona is taking longer to build than the pyramids. It was started in 1882, and no it’s not done yet.

15. The most visited place in Europe is Disneyland Paris

16. The highest toilet in Europe is on Mont Blanc at over 4,200 metres.

17. The small country of Belgium has the world’s longest rail network at 2534 miles.