Your Ultimate Travel Guide To Europe

Traveling to Europe? Don’t miss these top picks selected by DreamPlanGo readers and travel experts.

The most visited paid monument in the world is the Eiffel tower, attracting almost 7 million visitors per year. 75% of whom are from other countries. 68% of travelers want to go to paris. More than 20 million people visit Paris each year.

The ultimate food to try in Paris are Crepes. These are very thin pancakes served with a variety of fillings.

Next up is London. The top attraction here is the Buckingham Palace. You might get a chance to see the queen. Look for a flag atop the palace indicating, “The Queen is here!”

34% of travelers have been to London.

Did you know that Big Ben is the bell not the clock tower. Its chime is in the key of E.

The best food to try in London is the Yorkshire Pudding. That’s roast beef and gravy. It’s a traditional British Sunday meal.

Next up is Florence. The top attraction here is The Duomo. It’s the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore Florence. This famous church in FLorence took approximately 140 years to build.

18% said they’d like to know more about Florence, Italy. The best thing to do in Florence is to go shopping. Ponte Vecchio, a medieval bridge built in 1345 straddling the Arno River is a bustling marketplace for jewelers and goldsmiths.

The best food to try is the Ribolita: a hearty stew of bread, white beans and a variety of vegetables.

There are man more cities to visit like Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Venice.